How to Stream S72E173 of Today’s Show

How to Stream S72E173 of Today's Show

Watching your favourite TV shows has always been challenging in the digital age. For fans of “Today’s Show,” staying updated with the latest episodes is a breeze, thanks to various streaming options.

If you want to stream Season 72, Episode 173 of “Today’s Show,” here’s a comprehensive guide to help you catch the episode seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Streaming S72E173 of “Today’s Show”

  1. Choose Your Streaming Platform “Today’s Show” is available on several platforms. Some popular options include:
    • NBC’s Official Website: The show is broadcasted by NBC, and episodes are often available on their official site.
    • Streaming Services: Platforms like Hulu, Peacock, and Sling TV offer access to NBC’s live and on-demand content.
    • Cable Provider Apps: If you have a cable subscription, you can use your provider’s app to watch the show.

Create an Account or Log In

  1. You’ll need to create an account if you’re using NBC’s website or an app like Peacock. This typically involves providing an email address and creating a password.
  2. For services like Hulu or Sling TV, you must subscribe to a plan that includes NBC.

Search for the Episode

  1. Use the search bar on your chosen platform to find “Today’s Show.”
  2. Navigate to Season 72 and look for Episode 173.

Start Streaming

  1. Click on the episode to start streaming. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid buffering issues.
  2. Some platforms offer HD streaming for a better viewing experience.

Use DVR or On-Demand Features

  1. If you missed the live broadcast, many platforms offer DVR functionality or an on-demand section to watch previously aired episodes.

Check for Regional Availability

  1. Some streaming services might have regional restrictions. Ensure the platform you choose is available in your region.


Streaming the latest episode of “Today’s Show” is straightforward, with the right platform and a stable internet connection. Whether you prefer watching it live or catching up later, numerous options are available to suit your needs. Following the steps outlined above, you can enjoy Season 72, Episode 173 of “Today’s Show” without hassle.


Is “Today’s Show” available for free?

  • Some platforms offer free episodes, especially NBC’s website or app. However, a subscription to services like Hulu or Peacock may be required for full access.

Can I watch “Today’s Show” live?

  • Yes, platforms like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and NBC’s app offer live streaming of the show.

What if I miss the live broadcast?

  • Many services provide on-demand access to previously aired episodes. You can also use DVR features if your service provider offers them.

Is there an app for streaming “Today’s Show”?

  • Yes, NBC has an app available on various devices, and streaming services like Hulu, Peacock, and Sling TV also have apps.

How can I avoid spoilers before watching the episode?

  • Avoid discussing the show on social media and online forums. Use keywords to mute notifications or hide posts related to “Today’s Show.”

By utilizing these tips and understanding the available streaming options, you can enjoy “Today’s Show” seamlessly and stay updated with the latest episodes.

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